Judy Madsen Johnson, author
   Judy Madsen Johnson, author

Stories From The Front Lines: The Battle Against Abortion

Published by EABooks Publishing

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Why have we never heard these stories? And why, on the same day, were the press seats empty at the trial of abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell, who killed one woman and three born-alive babies? A brave source confessed that reporting on this case would damage the pro-choice cause—proof of a deliberate conspiracy against the public’s right to know. 2013 ended a year of 87 abortion clinic closings.


Kermit Gosnell was convicted of murder and is serving a life sentence. Other abortionists working in filthy, squalid conditions were exposed. Many tragic botched abortions injured, maimed, or killed women.* Some judges let the perpetrators go free but on rare occasions, abortionists lost licenses or were prosecuted. John Q. Public is uninformed. (*Documented by Operation Rescue.)


Stories From the Front Lines tells true stories of abortion as seen through the eyes of Christians who labor in the field of blood to save preborn babies. They fight against this terrible scourge day after day. Volunteers man clean, attractive pregnancy centers. Others offer help and safe alternatives on the front lines, the abortion mills themselves. Brave saints conduct undercover stings inside Planned Parenthood. Many remarkable testimonies expose the callous, unfeeling contempt for babies and mothers by those in the abortion industry.


Doing the Church’s work often brings scorn, derision, or loss of friends. Misconceptions, misunderstandings sometime set Christians at odds over this issue. People flee from controversy lest it rouse their conscience and rob their comfort. Day after day, preborn and newborn babies who survive abortion still die savage, painful, unnecessary deaths. Only the Church can accelerate the end of abortion. Will the silent Christians take their stand when confronted with Stories From the Front Lines? What will be their response? Some German Christians sang their hymns a little louder to cover the cry of Jews in WW II railroad cars heading for the death camps. Jews or preborn babies—are they not the same in God’s eyes? Are American Christians outraged, ignorant, or comfortable? “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto the least of these, ye have done it unto me” Matthew 25:40, (KJV). Stories From the Front Lines is the history from abortion’s legal beginning in 1973. It records victories and setbacks by the Pro-Life Movement, uncommon bravery and innovation, and the Church’s response then and now. No other book on the subject approaches abortion on this level. It also looks ahead to what the Church should do as it answers the call with unparalleled commitment and urgency.


Judy's journey with Pro-Life


Pro-life activism began in 1988 when the author was arrested during a peaceful sit-in at an Orlando abortion clinic and again, a year later, in St. Petersburg, FL. Out of these experiences, her passion and experience led to sidewalk counseling outside abortion facilities, offering free help to abortion-minded mothers. She organized pro-life groups and held weekend seminars with outside speakers, testimonies, and workshops in her home church. She’s lobbied in Washington against FACE, the law passed to discourage pro-lifers from coming to the sidewalks to either pray or offer assistance to the women. She was present outside the Senate Chambers when the first vote on the partial-birth abortion ban took place. It was seven years later before the vote passed. Judy was named with other pro-lifers in an injunction that led to the 1994 U.S. Supreme Court case, Madsen v. Aware Women’s Center (an abortion clinic in Melbourne, FL). This case’s high visibility gave Judy a platform, and the True Majority; (Pro-life) Women Speaking for Women was born. With non-governmental-organization status, Judy attended U.N. Conferences in Beijing, Istanbul, and New York. Judy was instrumental in Pro-Life Action Ministries opening a branch office in central Florida. 

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