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By Paul Turk,  August 6, 2014


Although Stories From The Front Lines: The Battle Against Abortion is a very well written book, it is not an easy book to read. It should not be easy to read, as the book details what is referred to in it as the American Holocaust – the killing of over fifty-six million babies through abortion. It is a very informative and emotional account of what our country has allowed to happen to so many innocent children.

Stories from The Front Lines: The Battle Against Abortion is much more than an indictment against the parents and abortion providers of babies who are torn from their mothers’ wombs. Rather, through a series of stories of numerous people who have made a tremendous difference in fighting the war against abortion, the reader is shown through the eyes of both parents who aborted their babies, as well as from the perspective of former abortion providers, the turning over of their lives to Christ and the forgiveness which they received. The stories in the book are truly inspirational and a powerful message from the Holy Spirit that no matter what mistakes we have made in our past, God is always ready to forgive those misdeeds if we come to Him in sincerity and seek His pardon.

I strongly encourage everyone to read this very powerful account of one of the greatest, if not the greatest, tragedies that America has allowed continuing forward for over forty years. It is my hope and prayer that Judy Madsen Johnson’s book will be a catalyst in helping to put an end to the American Holocaust.


Linda Henderson, July 3, 2014



I recently read this book and give thanks that I did! For many of us Christians who have strong feelings about abortion, it is a must read! She writes for and to the church....us, God's children, who need to hear the truth, and need to find the inner strength to join the war against abortion. Ms Johnson's book helped me understand the passion of those who stand on the sidewalks outside abortion clinics, praying as troubled young women search for help within those walls. Somehow I had justified my judgment of those people, justified my own inaction, believing that my way of helping (volunteering at a pregnancy care center) was somehow more "right" and "loving" than what she and others did. Praise God for Judy Johnson and others like her who stand when the rest of us don't or won't! Praise God for those on the sidewalks who put God's agenda ahead of theirs! Praise God for Judy's book written to the church that we might see and hear the truth in the stories told and be challenged to take a stand....a stand that will make a difference, and perhaps, save a life!



J. House, March 12, 2014



This remarkable book contains first-hand stories about people who fight for life in many different ways. It contains stories from sidewalk counselors, protesters, educators, counselors, and people who raise funds. It showed me that there are many ways to fight for life and it takes everyone working together to fight abortions. Judy Madsen Johnson has fought on the front lines herself and uses her own experiences and those of her many connections with fellow missionaries over the years to create a passionate and inspiring book. I learned a lot and it inspired me to do more to fight for babies who cannot fight for themselves.



Dolly Ewares, July 6, 2014



Judy has done the church in America a great service by writing this book about those who have answered the call. I could not put it down. I hope many will be inspired by reading of the courage and resolve of these brave saints rescuing the innocent. 




Judy Madsen Johnson

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